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Microbiome Therapeutics Market Overview New Development Future Trends 2017 — 2023 & IP Landscape

CouvertureIntellisnessMicrobiomeAs a very dynamic and promising area, the microbiome is considered as a fantastic opportunity not only to cure but also to diagnose. A fast-growing ecosystem is emerging: biopharmaceutical companies, diagnostic companies, service providers…

Considering this trend and the increasing number of companies, we think that a global market research is not a good approach anymore to have a real understanding of the microbiome business. Conversely, intellectual property is very important to consider. Thas’s why, Intellisness have decided to produce a series of market research focused on the different segment and integrating not only market data but patent landscape.

The first report is on the Microbiome Therapeutics market. The objective is to understand the microbiome therapeutics market space and answer the following key questions:

  • What are the market dynamics including, market drivers, challenges, regulatory issues and business trends
  • What is the competitive landscape, including key players, technologies, products and non microbiome competitor
  • What is the intellectual property landscape, what are the most innovative companies? Are they the most active on the market?

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More information about the  Microbiome Therapeutics Market Overview HERE


Technology/Product Definition

Philippe Fornies 3
Philippe Fornies, CEO of Intellisness.

Included: Any intervention such as, prebiotic or drug compounds or probiotic aimed to modify micro-organisms or microbiome inhabiting human body and to specifically target prevention/treatment of specific therapeutic areas

Excluded:  Products designed only to determine (diagnose) the microbial flora  –  Products designed to generally enhance immunity and digestive system

Note – Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) as carried out by individual hospitals and processes stool supplied by stool banks is not considered for the purposes of this report. Only fecal derived or non-fecal derived precision products, which are being developed as replacement to FMT, are included in the report. Regulatory perspective on FMT is, however, included as it has broader implications.

Buy the « Microbiome Therapeutics Market Overview » HERE

More information about the « Microbiome Therapeutics Market Overview » HERE

Therapeutic Areas

Metabolic disorders, gastro-intestinal disorders, auto-immune diseases, CNS disorders, oncology, skin diseases



Numerous interviews have been conducted. Amongst others:

  • Mike Berman, Chairman of the Board, Rebiotix
  • David Berry, Founder, Seres Therapeutics; Founder & Board Member, Evelo Therapeutics; General Partner, Flagship Pioneering
  • Didi Daboush, CEO – Founding Partner, MyBiotics Pharma Ltd.
  • Gregory Lambert, CEO, TargEDys
  • Andrew Ritter, Founder & President, Ritter Pharmaceuticals
  • Noah Voreades, MS, Corporate Development Manager, Ritter Pharmaceuticals
  • Dr. Yasser Heakal, PhD, MBA, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, D’Youville School of Pharmacy, Buffalo, New York, USA
  • Dr. Christian Jobin, Gatorade Trust Professor of Medicine, Program leader Cancer Microbiota and Host Response, University of Florida, Florida, USA
  • Dr. Paul Wischmeyer, Professor of Anesthesiology and Surgery, Director of Perioperative Research, Duke Clinical Research Institute, North Carolina, USA

Table of content / Summary 

  1. Objective
  2. Scope and methodology
  3. Summary
  4. Market Dynamics

4.1         PEST Analysis

4.2          Evolution

4.3          Growth Drivers

4.3.1       Advanced research and associated projects

4.3.2       Growing industry interest

4.3.3       Venture capital investment

4.3.4       Big Pharma and nutraceuticals

4.3.5       Unmet need

4.3.6       Physician and patient awareness

4.4          Barriers and challenges

4.4.1       Challenging regulatory pathways

4.4.2       Lack of clinical trial success

4.4.3       Emerging competition from non-microbiome products

4.4.4       Perceived overlap between probiotics and microbiome therapies

4.4.5       Large-scale manufacturing challenges

  1. Future Trends

5.1          100+ projects in the pipe: race for next generation

5.2          Market Potential 2017 – 2023

5.3          Market potential by therapeutic areas

5.3.1       CDI

5.3.2       Irritable Bowel Syndrome

5.3.3       Oral Mucositis

5.3.4       Skin diseases

5.3.5       Lactose Intolerance

5.3.6       Central Nervous System

5.4          Market potential by geographic area

5.4.1       US

5.4.2       Europe

5.4.3       Japan

6            Competitive overview

6.1          Company Profile: Rebiotix

6.1.1       Overview

6.1.2       Pipeline

6.1.3       Technology

6.1.4       Partnerships

6.1.5       RBX2660 Phase II trial results – details

6.1.6       Relevant IP

6.2          Company Profile: Seres Therapeutics

6.2.1       Overview

6.2.2       Pipeline

6.2.3       Technology

6.2.4       Partnerships

6.2.5       SER-109 Phase II trial results – details

6.2.6       Relevant IP

6.3          Company Profile: Synthetic Biologics

6.3.1       Overview

6.3.2       Pipeline

6.3.3       Technology

6.3.4       Partnerships

6.3.5       Phase II trial results – Details

6.3.6       Relevant IP

6.4          Company Profile: Ritter Pharmaceuticals

6.4.1       Overview

6.4.2       Pipeline

6.4.3       Technology

6.4.4       Partnerships

6.4.5       Relevant IP

6.5          Company Profile: AOBiome

6.5.1       Overview

6.5.2       Pipeline

6.5.3       Technology

6.5.4       Partnerships

6.5.5       Relevant IP

6.6          Company Profile: Oragenics

6.6.1       Overview

6.6.2       Pipeline

6.6.3       Technology

6.6.4       Partnerships

6.6.5       Relevant IP

6.7          Company Profile: 4D Pharma

6.7.1       Overview

6.7.2       Pipeline

6.7.3       Technology

6.7.4       Partnerships

6.7.5       Relevant IP

6.8          Company Profile: Second Genome

6.8.1       Overview

6.8.2       Pipeline

6.8.3       Technology

6.8.4       Partnerships

6.8.5       Relevant IP

6.9          Company Profile: Microbiome Therapeutics

6.9.1       Overview

6.9.2       Pipeline

6.9.3       Technology

6.9.4       Partnerships

6.9.5       Relevant IP

6.10 Company Profile: Enterome

6.10.1    Overview

6.10.2    Pipeline

6.10.3    Technology

6.10.4    Partnerships

6.10.5    Relevant IP

  1. Other players

7.1          Players by therapeutic areas

7.2          Players by stage, from discovery to clinical stage

  1. IP Landscape
  2. 1 Project Overview

8.1.1       Objective

8.1.2       Focus Therapeutic Areas

8.2          Methodology

8.3          Overall trends and patent family analysis

8.3.1       Patent Activity

8.3.2       Global Research Activity (Offices of first filing except EP & PCT)

8.3.3       Research Activity Trend in key countries

8.3.4       Patent Filing Strategy by Country

8.3.5       Patent Filing Strategy – Family Distribution

8.3.6       Percentage of patent families focusing on various disorders

8.3.7       Geographical Distribution per therapeutic areas

8.3.8       Filing Trend per therapeutic area

8.3.9       Distribution per organization profile

8.3.10    Distribution per country and organization profile

8.3.11    Top 20 Applicants

8.3.12    Top Applicants per region

8.3.13    Key Assignees per therapeutic area

8.3.14    Key Academic Institutes

8.3.15    Key Inventors

8.3.16    Top Cited Patent Families

8.3.17    Collaboration Map


Crohn’s Disease – Ongoing Clinical Trials – Details

Clostridium Difficile – Ongoing clinical trials – Details

IBS – Ongoing clinical trial – Details

Oral Mucositis – On going clinical trials – Details

Others – Ongoing clinical trials – Details

Overview of the 45 other players

Therapeutic area categorization

Search Strategy

Relevance Criteria for patent analysis

Patent Data Sanitization

Data and assumption for market sizing

Buy the Microbiome Therapeutics Market Overview HERE

More information about the  Microbiome Therapeutics Market Overview HERE


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