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About Ruby Guzman

My name is Ruby Guzman, I live in California, I am married and the mother of three daughters. In 2003 I graduated as a dietitian at the Hogeschool. After having worked as a home care dietitian for almost eleven years, it was time for a new challenge and in mid-2015 I started my own practice. I am an all-round dietitian with experience in various diseases and patient groups. You can come to me with a wide range of nutritional questions.

I practice my profession every day with great pleasure and enthusiasm. Personal contact and the diversity of people, in particular, contribute to this. Time and again I see it as a challenge to coach and guide my clients towards their goals. Attention to the person behind the eating pattern makes my work extra interesting.

I have followed various training courses for that purpose, including the postgraduate course on the treatment of eating disorders for dietitians, the course Psychological support for eating and weight problems and the Emotion management workshop for overeating disorders.

Our Approach

Together with you, I translate your questions and wishes into practical diet advice that is feasible and sustainable for you. We look at possibilities instead of limitations. Not only adjusting your diet but also attention to the person behind the eating behavior is characteristic within my guidance. I coach you in fitting the dietary advice into your daily life so that your personal goals can be achieved. We work together on behavioral change and maintaining your result!

In the first interview, which takes about an hour, I collect information that is needed to prepare appropriate advice, such as your complaints, eating habits and personal circumstances. In the follow-up discussions, we evaluate together how you are doing and what adjustments you have made to your eating habits. We also discuss where you experience difficulties and you receive tips and advice on how to deal with this. Your referrer (general practitioner, practice assistant, specialist) will receive a written report of what has been discussed and the result that has been achieved after the first and the last interview (and if desired in between).

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