Being physically strong and being fit depends to a large extent on having good endurance. This means that you can make a certain effort in the long term. That can be running, but also cycling, swimming, doing push-ups or simply walking.

There are all kinds of ways to improve your endurance. With the following 6 tips you optimally improve your total endurance.


For growing endurance, the key is regularity. That does not only mean that you regularly make an effort, but also that you have regularity in your life. Sleep well, drink well and eat healthily. By optimizing all preconditions, endurance improves faster.

Improve constantly

If you want to improve your endurance for a specific sport, set goals and push yourself to the edge. You have to get pretty tired to improve your endurance. It makes little sense to make an effort where you are hardly sweat or breathless.

Train at home too

If you normally train outside the door, you can supplement the training sessions by exercising a lot at home. Do a home fitness program or purchase a fitness device. Good endurance devices include the walking machine, exercise bike , cross trainer and stepper.

Provide the right material

If you have good equipment for sports, it is also more motivating for most people to actually get started. Provide good and comfortable sports clothing and, depending on the sport you practice, also related accessories, such as a fitness mat, gloves and shoes.

Combine cardio with strength

Endurance is usually directly associated with cardio training, but strength also plays a role in endurance. In fact, your stamina will advance faster if you combine these two.

The push-up, for example, is a typical example of an exercise that is between strength and cardio. At a gym you can alternate exercises with weights with a skipping session. Don’t give yourself too much rest. The goal, of course, is that the ability to keep going increases.


According to many fitness gurus, routine is the big enemy in sports. If you always walk the same round, you build up your routine. Not only mentally, but also physically. Alternate running with another sport to expose your body to different forms of exercise.

If you want to keep walking, swimming or cycling, then build in interval training, in which you often change pace. This is heavier, but also improves endurance a lot better. Your body can get into a rhythm less easily due to the tempo changes, which ensures a solid workout.