Who does not recognize it during a vacation. Then you don’t stand behind the gas stove every day, but get a nice pizza. And a fries on day two. The next day you light the barbecue to bake some sausages.

Influence of five days of fast food

It can be read in the journal of the Virignia Tech researchers that the way muscles metabolize nutrients (ed .: converting into metabolism) changes already after five days of sinning. This is the first time that it has been scientifically demonstrated that poor nutrition has major consequences in the very short term.

Muscles of great influence

When you eat something, the amount of glucose dissolved in the blood increases. Your muscles break down glucose to get an energy boost, or they save it for later. Since muscles are responsible for thirty percent of your body weight, they have a major influence on keeping blood sugar levels balanced. If the blood sugar level is disrupted, this has consequences for the rest of the body and can lead to health problems.

Big consequences

Researchers at Virginia Tech served healthy students with fatty foods for five days, such as the popular macaroni with cheese, biscuits & gravy (a popular dish in southern US states consisting of biscuits and gravy) and many dishes with butter. Professor Matt Hulver and his colleagues discovered that muscles can oxidize more difficult glucose after someone has eaten fast food or other fatty foods for five days. This can cause a body to react poorly to insulin: a risk factor for the development of diabetes and other diseases.

Shocking results

“It is shocking that this happens after five days,” says Hulver. ‘Five days is a short period. There are enough times that we all sin for a few days, for example during a holiday or during a period with many birthdays. This research shows that the body reacts to this almost immediately. “