If you follow a low carbohydrate diet, there are a number of mistakes you can make. By dealing with the low-carbohydrate diet in a smart way, you can prevent it. In this article we put the most important mistakes together. This increases the chance that the low-carbohydrate will be successful.

Error 1: not enough carbohydrates

With a diet where you eat less carbohydrates , it is important not to fall into this. Low carbohydrate does not mean that no carbohydrates should be eaten. Because even in vegetables, fruit and other healthy foods you can find carbohydrates, this diet is essential to eat during the low carbohydrate diet. This contains important nutrients that your body needs.

Error 2: eating too much ‘allowed’ food

With low carbohydrate diets, a list of permitted foods is usually used. Watch out that you do not eat too much of this. For example, some diets state that you can eat unlimited cheese, meat and fish. While it is not good to fully load the body with this. This entails serious health risks. Eat until you are no longer hungry and try to listen carefully to your body. This way you can find the right balance in your diet.

Error 3: skip fruit and vegetables

During a low-carbohydrate diet, it is tempting for some people to skip fruit and vegetables. For example, they focus exclusively on proteins and fats.

It is unwise to follow a low-carb diet in this way. Your body needs fruit and vegetables to withstand this period of weight loss. Fruit and vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals that you definitely need.

Error 4: the same meals continuously

To make it easy for yourself, it is tempting to continuously prepare the same meals. Unfortunately, this will get boring in the long run. This makes it more difficult to maintain a low-carb diet and you gradually get bored of it. Try to keep stimulating yourself with low-carb recipes, there are hundreds to be found online. Also experiment with fruits and vegetables that you have never tried before and discover how wide you can vary. This makes it much easier to maintain a low-carb diet.

Error 5: skip exercise

When you are losing a lot of weight, it seems tempting to skip exercise. Especially when you are losing weight, it is good to pay extra attention to it. This lowers insulin resistance and makes it easy to lose extra weight. You can also burn more energy through exercise, although this will only offer a small advantage compared to a new diet.